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Our Election Manifesto is Our Geeta

Our Election Manifesto is Our Geeta, Bible, And Quran: Karnataka Industries Minister RV Deshpande

In an exclusive interview to CNN-News18’s Akshata Kumbar, Karnataka’s Large & Medium Industries & Infrastructure Development Minister RV Deshpande said Congress party needs a healthy blend of old and new. Much like a pickle only gets better with time, explained the minister highlighting the importance of old leaders in the party, Congress needs experienced hands. The minister also said that PM Narendra Modi is not likely to campaign in the same manner in Karnataka as he did in Himachal and Gujarat. For Deshpande, the party election manifesto is like Geeta, Bible, and Quran. Here is the edited transcript of the interview.

Congress has already begun its work at the grassroots level. I think it is happening for the first time in the party that booth committees have been formed, panchayat ward committees have been formed, where our volunteers go door-to-door and check whether the government programmes are reaching the people or not and take feedback. So, grassroot level work has started for the first time in the party. I think this is going to help us in fighting these elections.
We have seen Congress is very active on social media. Whether it’s attacking the rival party or spreading messages and agenda of the party. How is social media responding to the party?